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The Medicare insurance marketplace continues to undergo major changes. Therefore, I invest a significant amount of time staying current with regulations and plan designs so I can represent available options to you.

Deciding the best course to take when purchasing Medicare insurance can be a convoluted and confusing process. If you are eligible for Medicare, or will be soon, I can provide guidance on the application process and determine whether you might be eligible for the Connecticut Medicare Savings Program. And, for your convience, I meet most of my clients right in their homes.


Before we meet, I take time to gather all the relevant information regarding your personal circumstances via phone. I use the information you provide to determine appropriate plans offered where you live, then I meet with you to review plan details and help you make the right choice for you.


As an ongoing service, I can also meet with you each year if you like to discuss plan changes and changes in your circumstances. The plan that’s good for one year may not be the plan that’s good for the next year.

I'll help you choose a plan that works for you.

Mark Hand - Independent Insurance Broker
  • Are you better using only medicare or adding private insurers?

  • Are all your medical providers in the network of the plan you chose?

  • Are your drugs covered by the plans formulary? How much do they cost?

  • Are you buying more (or less) insurance than you really need?

  • Are you covered if you live in two or more places during the year?

  • and so on................

Let me give you a hand.

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